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Experience personal fulfilment and next-level business success.

You get to have it all

HI, I am Sonita


I'm coming back to you to say thank you again
Last summer, I took a coaching session with you to manifest my next level of abundance.
I thought this level would be about my business to sign new high-level clients and no, I had a lot of work to do.I manifested even better than high-level clients, I opened my heart and manifested a wonderful man with whom we feel super connected.
And who is on this same path of consciousness? There were so many synchronicities for this meeting, it's amazing what we can attract to ourselves once we fully enter into our feminine energy.  Thank you a thousand times over for your wonderful coaching I feel super happy. i am experiencing  Exactly the highest Level of abundance is far beyond cash  Thank you so much Sonita i Will always be grateful for this amazing coaching with you, it changed my Life 

Launy Savanna Dondo 
spiritual life coach

Before I met Sonita, I knew I was a healer but I was struggling with my avatar and message

I would struggle with sharing my content on my social media platform because I did not have clarity of who I was targeting

I also struggled with listening to my intuition but Sonita helped me to trust my intuition as I grew my business

With her help, I can be vulnerable with my audience and share my own experiences

She helped me to discover that I am more  than a speaker hence I want to be the best author in my niche of which I didn’t know my calling was to reach many people through books

I intend to launch my first book on by January on Amazon thanks to her support and belief in me\

Unlike other coaches who want us to follow a strategy Sonita helped me to believe in my intuition and that’s the biggest breakthrough for me

Gaone Dhodho Nkhwa 
Trauma healer & coach

he made $25k in less than 30 days in an effortless and aligned way

Simone Gioiello

Founder of Genius Evolution Consulting

“my life completely changed after working with sonita”

DR Maria Guirius

Entrepreneur, healer, and pharmacist.

she made $106k in 2hrs. her life and business completely changed

Anne Leroy

CEO and founder at UNITE

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